People Partners - HR Services - Mergers and Acquisitions


It is best to do as much due diligence regarding the human capital aspect of a planned merger or acquisition up-front and before an agreement is signed. This is especially critical in mergers or purchases where the service the acquisition provides is primarily knowledge based. In this case, if the organizational change is not handled well, the talent will flee and the deal will be a bust.

If you are planning a merger or acquisition, it is critical to review all of the human resources considerations up front and before any announcements are made. Not taking the time to think through and organize a well thought out plan before an announcement is made can create a mess and legal exposure that could be easily prevented. We can help with all of your HR concerns such as:

  • Employee Communications
  • Organizational culture considerations
  • Organizational/Divisional/Departmental restructurings
  • Staffing plans/mapping
  • Staffing overlap/handling redundancies
  • Employee notifications and compliance
  • Internal posting/interview processes
  • Organizational policies
  • Compensation plan integration/communications
  • Benefits plans integration and dissolutions/communications
  • Merging functions

How a merger or acquisition is managed is critical to achieving a quickly blended, positive and productive workforce. Spend some money to handle these areas well up front and your organization will reap the financial rewards of this investment for years to come. Ignore this aspect of your merger or acquisition and your business may fail. It’s that simple.