Elena, BA
Human Resources Consultant
Elena, BA : Human Resources Consultant
Elena has worked as a human resources professional and business partner for over 18 years. Her extensive skills include: Strategic Planning, Competitive Strategies, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Management, Performance Management, Career Pathing, Recognition, Organizational Redesign, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Employee Relations, and Leadership. Elena also has a strong passion for revenue growth, expense reduction, the creation of measurable business plans, employee performance, culture, engagement, and retention.

Aside from her skills in human resources, she is multilingual in English, Spanish, French and Italian. She has also worked in multiple industries including: Technology, SaaS, Start-Up, Entertainment & Media, Education, Finance & Banking, Mortgage & Real Estate, Insurance, Biotech, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Sales & Marketing, and Engineering. Overall, Elena is an executive risk taker and HR change agent driving "people & culture", organizational growth, and talent optimization.