Todd, MBA
Certified Compensation Consultant
Todd, MBA : Certified Compensation Consultant
Todd is a confident and articulate compensation executive with an MBA and significant, progressive professional experience working for Fortune 500 companies across the entertainment, high production home building, healthcare, energy and HR consulting industries. He is a highly effective compensation practitioner, well-versed in the design and administration of both executive and non-executive strategic-base and incentive-pay programs, possessing exceptional consultative and interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic and proven abilities to interact with people at all levels to accomplish positive results.

Todd's core skills include Strategic Incentive Plan Design, Competitive Analysis/Benchmarking, Managing/Mentoring/Leading, Large Scale Project Management, Report/Proposal Writing, Software Selection/Implementation, Bonus/Merit/Equity Administration, Pay-for-Performance System Design, Executive Contract Administration, Budget Management, Board Level Presentation Materials, and Black-Scholes Option Valuation. He holds an MBA in Human Resources & Information Systems from State University of New York at Albany and a BS in Management Science/Human Resources from State University of New York at Geneseo.